Master sets on USB flash-drive of SFP 7-17 course curriculum materials for SFP7-17 Years includes:
Parents’ Manual, Children’s Manual, Teens’ Manual, and Family Practice Manual, Class Video Clips (on DVD or USB flash-drive), all Handouts, and an SFP Implementation Manual.

Purchase of a SFP7-17

Purchase of a SFP7-17 curriculum master set carries a permanent site-limited license to copy SFP course materials as needed for agency’s own use on one site. (This copying permission does not include copying the Strengthening Families Home-Use DVD nor the SFP 7-17 Class Video Clips.)

Note: A USB flash-drive of SFP 7 to 17 Years master curriculum set is included in the fee of a full-price SFP Family Coach and need not be purchased separately. The curriculum material has been copyrighted and may not be used or disseminated without being purchased.

SFP7 -17 on a USB flash-drive Family Multi-Class Curriculum manuals in English. Includes parent, Child, Teen & Family Lessons as well as Parent Lessons in Spanish.

Master set includes an Implementation Manual and Class Video Clips to show during the Parent, Child, and Teen classes. (Includes site-limited license to copy manuals as needed for agency’s own use; but NOT to copy the videos.)


SFP7 -17 Online Family Discussion Guides in English and Spanish

An Online or In-Person Family Video Discussion Guide Booklet with instructions on how to run a Discussion Group online or in-person, with PowerPoints, discussion questions, activities and role-plays for each of the 11 Lessons. Includes a site-limited license to copy as needed for agency’s own use.


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SFP 7-17 Curriculum Materials
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