SFP 7-17 Years Home Use:


Dr. Karol Kumpfer, creator of the Strengthening Families Program, and Jaynie Brown teamed up to create a new 11-session SFP7-17 Years Home-Use video (DVD or view Online). This new SFP universal prevention version is an entertaining series of parenting and family-life skills for parents and children to watch together at home. It has 11 thirty-minute lessons including an Introductory Lesson that discusses the benefits of SFP to promote positive brain development and resiliency, and a Mindfulness segment to promote better emotional regulation. It comes with an optional Spanish audio track.

The SFP DVD package contains two disks and a Parent Guidebook. Delightful handouts and tracking sheets sheets in both Spanish and English that go with each lesson can be printed off the DVD disk when it is placed in a computer. Or download the SFP DVD Handouts for free here.

The SFP DVD contains the same research-proven skills found in the original 14-week classes, with additions on anger management, tips for school success, and the harms of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs to the developing teen brain. Families are invited at intervals to pause the DVD and practice the skills they just learned. In addition to watching the video lessons at home, the SFP DVD can also be used in a multi-family SFP Family Discussion Group with a trained facilitator. The SFP DVD can also be used in a clinic setting for individual counseling, or taught to families in-home with a trained SFP Family Coach. (See Training and Order SFP 7-17 Curriculum pages).

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Small quantities:
Price is $5 each
Shipping is $4.50 for the first item, and $0.50 shipping for each additional DVD

USA Address

Case Price for 100 DVDs:
$4 each
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Small quantities:
Price is $5 for each DVD
Shipping is $14.50 for the first item and $1.00 shipping for each additional DVD.


Case Price for 100 DVDs:
Price is $4 for each DVD
Shipping is $100 per case.

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The SFP Home-Use DVDs / Videos are now available to view Online!

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View the SPF Online Lessons for $5 in English or Spanish. Includes one year of access, with all handouts available for download or online viewing. Bulk discounted purchases for viewing are also available by special order (please email for details).

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Questions? Please contact: 385-226-3396 or strengtheningfamiliesprogram1@gmail.com

*All proceeds from sales of the SFP Home-Use DVD or videos go to the Strengthening Families Foundation, (a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. $3 of every SFP DVD sold is considered a donation to the Foundation.