14-week program for high-risk families

SFP Curriculum for Ages Birth-16

The SFP 14-week  curriculum comes on a CD for the agency to print as many copies for their site only.   SFP course materials come in different age categories, and include SFP Birth-3, SFP3-5, SFP6-11, and SFP12-16.

The master sets include: Parents’ Group Leaders Manual, Children’s Group Leader Manual, Family Group Leader Manual, Parents Handouts, Children’s Handouts, and an SFP Implementation Manual. Directions to copy the curriculum from the CD are included.

Purchase of a CD master set carries a permanent site-limited license to copy SFP course materials as needed for the agency’s own use on one site. The CD itself may not be copied for any reason.

Note: A CD master for one age variant (SFP0-3, 3-5, 6-11 or 12-16) in one language is included in the SFP group leader trainings fee and need not be purchased separately.

SFP Home- Use DVD

Home-Use DVD or Online Videos

To make SFP skills available to every family, Dr. Karol Kumpfer and Jaynie Brown created a new low-cost SFP Home-Use DVD and online video course for families with children from ages 7-17 years. Sold for $5 through the Strengthening Families non-profit Foundation, the SFP video lessons are for parents and youth to watch together and practice at home.

The videos teach the same research-proven skills as the original SFP classes, with added material on anger management, the harmful impact of alcohol and drugs on the developing teen brain, and Mindfulness.

The series has ten 30-minute SFP lessons, plus an Intro lesson on how the brain develops and encodes new skills through practice, and how to keep it healthy and powerful.

SFP 7-17 Handouts can be printed off the DVD itself or from this website free of charge.

Order the SFP home-use DVD, or a one-year access to  view the Online Lessons. Either option includes both English and Spanish versions.

(Copying the SFP Home-Use DVD is not allowed.)

SFP 7-17 Curriculum for ages 7-17

11-week program for universal families

SFP course materials for SFP 7-17 Years come on a USB flash-drive with instructions as to how to print off copies.  The set includes: Parents’ Manual, Children’s Manual, Teens Manual, and a Family Practice Manual.  It also has all the SFP 7-17 handouts, and an Implementation Manual.

Purchase of a SFP 7-17 master set carries a permanent site-limited license to copy SFP course materials as needed for agency’s own use, and is included in the SFP Family Coach training.

Family Coach training to teach SFP 7-17 is available.   While not mandatory to purchase and teach SFP, it is strongly recommended for the best outcomes.