The UN family initiative reflects a widening acceptance of family-based approaches as the most effective prevention strategies worldwide. This support came from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent meta-analyses conducted by Oxford Brooks University researchers under the supervision of Dr. David Foxcroft (WHO, 2007). These meta-analyses of substance abuse prevention programs having at least two years of longitudinal outcomes have concluded that the Strengthening Families Program (SFP) and interventions targeting parents are the most effective approaches (Foxcroft, et al., 2003). Overseas SFP trainings and implementation in recent years include Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Peru, Chile and this last year the first Asian country, Thailand. Translation and adaptations of language, exercises and graphics and supporting materials are typically involved in creating a national adaptation of an SFP program.

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